You don’t need another blog post. You need more customers.


I don’t just write. I know how to write using content marketing and social media strategies.

And not just enough to get by. I understand them well—really well.

Oh yeah, Tom? Yeah:



I used content marketing and social media strategy to organically grow my own community of 100,000+ people.



I’ve used the brand I built to work with brands like Vice, Samsung, Shopify, Neil Patel, Kia, and Vodafone.



I used compelling copywriting and inbound marketing techniques to grow an email list with an open rate 10% higher than the industry average.



I know how to brand, market and sell all kinds of products with content. There are 4,000 people in the world with my name on their t-shirt and I’ve had over 100,000 digital downloads.



I know how to consistently produce engaging and shareable content. My past video projects alone total 5M+ organic views.



I repeated this with two collaborators. We launched and grew a new online community to 50K+ followers and 2.5M+ views in six months.



I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this to let you know:


I can create customized blog posts, in-line with your brand and marketing strategy, specifically for your target audience.


These posts will help you attract more leads, grow your website traffic, build your brand, and establish you as an industry authority.


If this is what you’re looking for, click the button below and let’s talk.




More About Me


I’ve been self-employed for 8 years, and I love getting to help awesome businesses with their content marketing.

I love deadlines more than ice cream. And I’ll always make sure we’re on the same page, (good communication is kind of an obsession).

When I’m not working on a writing/marketing project, you can find me out on my bike, attempting to touch my toes in yoga class, or binge-watching Netflix with my better-half and our cat.

But enough about me—I want to learn more about you!

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